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Life is a game
That I don't understand o___o, but let's play anyway! :D
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13th-Jan-2012 05:20 pm - THREE FICS :|a
» a pillow-weight catastrophe
I mentioned two of these on plurk. They've been hanging out on my computer for like a year. The third was inspired last night, somehow. Anyways:

The PenCollapse )

Katsue Itsuma and the Love Potion (Unfinished)Collapse )

Hey KenjiCollapse )
2nd-Jul-2011 10:51 pm - Comm Necrophilia :D
Lighthouse Envy Sunset
Yes, this is Rob digging up one of the corpses of [BR]Roleplay and having my way with it.

So since I rediscovered leaving LJ entries, I figured I'd pimp a certain game out that I've been nurturing for a while. Dare you play..... the Liar Game?

No knowledge of LG fandom is needed to play!

I know some of you played Big Broscar a while ago, under the reign of incubicles, and I suppose this is closer to that than it is to BRRP. You take part in a series of matches against opponents for money, while we slowly whittle the numbers down, knocking out losers along the way. The winner at the end will be our Champion..... but what will be left of them?

Find out by playing with us! >:D

It's a social game, with quite heavy (yet surprisingly superficial) Japanese dressing (I borrowed that idea from the comm). We're looking for as many applicants as possible. Come in, do some damage, show the n00bs how it's done! You don't even need to be a good liar: you simply need to be able to assert yourself, make the right contacts, and duck at the right moments. Anybody could do it, and you guys are more than just "anybody"!

Curious? Send an email to liargametournament2011 @ gmail.com to get a link to the application... or fuck it, i'll stick the app HERE.

The game's being run by me and a select motley crew I've gathered up. One of whom is Oscar. So you know that means it's going to be HYPER organised, super-efficient, and also thorough and deep. Anyone who does know Liar Game knows deepness is a big thing. And of course, it's my game, so expect surprises and flourishes and general badassery. ;D

We'd love to see more people and more female characters. If you wanna try your strength, drop us a line! Who knows: maybe you'll make new friends, pwn some ass, and/or surprise yourself!!

Are you game?

Sign up today!

14th-Sep-2010 01:09 am - Google Scribe Plot Synopsis Meme!
MC Grammar Hammer
OK, so wanna know more about your character? Naturally, ask the Oracle! :D

Google's reached that point now where it's telling us what we are meant to be thinking, so let's ask it to write our posts for us too, yeah? >_>


1) Go here: http://scribe.googlelabs.com/
2) Change "show suggestions to On Tab" (i think it makes it a little easier)
3) Type your character's first name into the text box below.
4) Hit tab, Google will tell you what your next word was supposed to be. :|
5) Obey it. Either by hitting "1" every time, or maybe going 12345678901234567890. We'll afford you that much control.
6) After this word has been offered, Google must tell you the next word to write.
7) Repeat steps 4-6. Try not to look at what's being written.
8) Stop after about 20 words or so (whenever Google tells you it's okay to finish your sentence o___o) Punctuate accordingly.
9) Post the end result on here. Put the path you took as well if you know it/can be bothered.
10) Lulz at GBRRP.

Hilarity. It will ensue. Doesn't just have to be your character, either. Anything you can think of. Go nuts :D
20th-Aug-2010 11:05 pm - The Return of the BR Crit Meme
It's that time again, I feel! Actually, even if it weren't that time, this comm needs a kick right in the nads to get it moving, and I'm donning the steel toed boot.


1. Post your character's name in a comment
2. Receive criticism, suggestions, etc on your writing/characterisation, etc
3. Leave comments along the same lines for others

Consider this one sentence your warning on conduct. 8| I know where you all live.
7th-Jul-2010 01:39 am(no subject)
The Beat that I'm Banging
The Camping Trip Meme

1 Beautiful forests, picturesque mountains, and a fire that took you three hours to get going. You're on Day 3 of a camping trip. How many times have you almost accidentally lit the forest on fire? Are you ready to kill your fellow campers yet? Why did you come if you have no idea what hiking is? Or did it just start raining for the fifth time? Maybe you should have brOH GOD BEAR IT'S A FUCKING BEAR RUN

2 Post with your character with whatever they're up to. Because this is you guys, things going horribly wrong is always encouraged.

3 Feel free to camp in giant groups, in small groups, in duos, alone-- okay, maybe not alone, because then nobody will roleplay with you and you will be so lonely.

4 Multiple people tagging on threads is, as always, highly encouraged! And tag around, too!
5th-Jul-2010 06:30 pm - !!!! tfln meme !!!!!
Misc || Probably on TVTropes.

In this one, you post your characters' names in comments... and then everyone basically goes to TFLN, picks out texts that sound like they could have been written by your character, and posts them as a reply to your comment. |D For my amusement.

That is all.

edit: You can pick out texts for your own characters too, if you feel like it.
10th-Jun-2010 11:29 pm(no subject)
Suck On That

Just what the title implies: reply anonymously as your characters.
These aren't real feelings we're dealing with here, so the sky's the limit as far as decency is concerned.
❸ ???
10th-Jun-2010 09:52 pm(no subject)
come to me, children.

7th-Jun-2010 12:41 am - ANOTHER MEME sigh
Mean Girls || OMG.
Yes I am aware that I already posted a meme today, BUT I FOUND A COOLER ONE and so I'm posting this one also. DO IT, it is awesome.

1) Go HERE.
2) Pick out a comic for each of your characters. Something that FITS THEM somehow.
3) Post them, but don't say which comic corresponds to which character.
4) Others will comment guessing.
5) If they're right, everyone rejoices! If they're wrong, you get to punish them severely tell them to guess again.

If you're leaving certain characters out, like one you NPC'd or just don't care about, just note that when you leave your comment so people won't guess for them.
6th-Jun-2010 07:19 pm - lol HAYYYY
Yumi Adachi || Upside down.
Just kidding, I didn't make this up at all.


Comment as your character(s). Other people's character(s) will rate them 1-10 and explain whyyyyy (doesn't have to be a novel, just a line or two).

The scale is 1-10. 1 is BLARGH EW. 10 is "I'd hit that."
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