Life is a game

That I don't understand o___o, but let's play anyway! :D

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Welcome to br_wtf, the community for the irrelevant rambles and general wierdness of br_roleplay, br_roleplay_2 and br_ooc *grins*

A few rukes: ~

1. Posts must at all times be to do with one of the following: Nothing, Something or Anything. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate exile to Tunisia... TUNISIA! :D rawr
2. Mods can pwn you with any of the br_roleplay rules, but really, we generally won't, because this com is the wtf com after all. Do what the hell you like. We'll just get rid of tr0lls, n00bs and stop anyone being too much of an asshole.
3. Big posts and images go under an lj cut. Ask someone wtf it is if you don't know. Also post stuff under an lj cut with warnings if it might offend people XDDD;
4. There must be at least one typo (or "tpoe") in everything you post. That includes posts and comments. Even in the user info, I spelt rules as "rukes"... that totally wasn't by accident or anything. No, course not. o___o

That's all, now have fun! As appose to stimulating conversation or whatever...

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